AudioBites FAQ

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Q. What is AudioBites?
AudioBites is a curated audio content app for the Indian market, offering listeners the opportunity to listen to stories in audio in bite sized format.

At AudioBites you will find titles in different genres that you can listen to if you are on an airplane, on a bus or at home. You will have hundreds of stories in your smartphone!

You can listen to 3 stories per month for free. To access the entire library you would require to opt for a subscription.

Q. How does it work?/How do I start a subscription?
Download the AudioBites application from Google Play Store. You will be requested to create an account & once you do so, you can listen to 3 stories per month for free.
To listen to more stories, you can then upgrade to monthly plan starting from INR 49 for unlimited access. Longer duration plans are also available. All plans can be seen within the app.

Good to know: You can listen through the app on your smartphone or tablet using your internet connection.

Q. Subscription and price
Users are entitled to a 3 free stories per month. For access to more content than that, we request you to upgrade to premium subscription. In premium subscription, you have access to entire catalogue for unlimited listening.

The payment occurs in advance when the subscription is renewed for an additional period as stated in the plan. Regardless of when you terminate the subscription, you can continue to listen until your current period that you have paid for has ended.

AudioBites is a streaming subscription service and we don’t sell audio stories outside the subscription.

Q. How do I contact support?
If you can not find answers to your questions here on the Help page you can contact us by clicking Contact support below or send us an email at AudioBites.india@storytel.com .

Our support team will answer you as soon as possible within 2 working days.

Q. Install our app
Currently the App is only available on Android.
If you have an android smartphone or tablet the app is found in the Play store.

Install the AudioBites app on your device and log in with your email and chosen password.

Q. Choose your first story
When you open the app, you can see the tabs of Upcoming, Story, Series & Categories.
In the Stories tab, you can just pick a story & start to listen. Series tab has serial stories with multiple episodes. Categories allows you to browse stories sorted as per their genre. Upcoming lists titles that are yet to release so you know what to expect in coming days.

Listening questions
You will find here information on how to listen in the app, what devices we support and how to listen offline and abroad.

Q. How to listen to a story?
Scroll through the bookshelf and select the Story you like. You will then get an option to play the book.
You will also have an 10sec option to go forward to backwards.

Q. How do I save the books?
You will see a heart symbol on the right side of the book. Select that to save the book in your favourites.

You can then select the three vertical lines on your left side and go to favourites to see the books saved for future references.

My account

Q.Account settings
On AudioBites.storytel.com you can find your account. Login and go to My pages -> My account. Here you can see all information regarding your account such as:
• what kind of subscription you have
• your purchase history and receipts for your payments if you have purchased subscription
(The receipts include VAT and can be used for accounting. If you click on More info you can see dates etc)

You can also:
• update your name
• choose between light & dark mode.

Q. Is there forgot password/login
As users can make a subscription through mobile number or google or facebook account, there is no problem of forgetting password.

Q. Can i opt out of Notifications
At the bottom of the Settings page, there is a link through which you can unsubscribe from a list of users who choose to have notifications.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us at AudioBites.india@storytel.com